Mom, Why? #KidsTalk


Mas I'am & Amanda

Mom, why am I a little bit black and Amanda is white? Can Allah change people's skin?
Of course He can!
Allah can change my colour skin?
Yes, of course!
(thank God he didn't ask "how")

Having a 6 years old kid, sometimes make me more productive :D. I can learn from him, of course, and I have to think (the answer) for him. One day, he asks me all these questions when we were in my bedroom. Amanda was crying and I breastfed her.

Mom, how do you know baby language? Did you learn baby language?
I was smile at first and think of the answer.
"I didn't learn baby language. I just know by nature. Maybe because I'm a Mom."

Mom, why is the baby always crying? How do you know that the baby wants milk or not?
"You know, all the babies in the world can not do anything. They only can crying, crying, and crying. If they want milk, they cry. If they want to sleep, they cry. If they feeling wet (the diaper), t hey cry. And if they feeling not happy, they cry, they want to play. So, I just need to know what the baby doing. She's just wake up for sleep, and her diaper just changed before she slept. And now she's crying, it means she wants milk. Just as simple as that!"

Mom, why is the baby always wants you? Why do you can babysit? When I grow up, I want to be a Mother (so he can babysit, red).
"You can not be a Mother, but you still can babysit your baby sister. Maybe you can't babysit right now, but later, when you see me how to babysit, you can babysit her without being a Mother. Oh, when you grow up, you will be a Father."

Mom, how can Allah put the baby in lady's belly?
Okay. This is a serious question I have ever had. Inhale, exhale.
What? (pretend to not heard him)

I said, how can Allah put the baby in lady's belly?
"Well, you know malaikat, Mas I'am? It's easy for Allah to put the baby in lady's belly. He can flew like this (meniup roh maksudnya), and the baby is in the belly. But, Allah just give the baby if you have married with someone. Like me, example. I am married with your dad, and then Allah has flew 'it' to my belly, and I have you!"

I don't know how to answer the right question, but that's only I can say. Especially for the last question, I remembered about verse in Al Qur'an about how Allah put the soul to women's uterus when they're in 4 months pregnancy. I never use English in my blog before, so I'm sorry for my bad grammar. I only write what I said to my son. Hope you enjoy! :) 


  1. Great questions and answers too :)
    I am learning from your blog post and preparing to face this condition soon.

  2. pertanyaan anak2 kadang bikin ibunya kelabakan ya mbak..., eits saya lebih merhatiin bahasa inggrisnya loh, buat latihan speaking ma anak2...

    1. Hihihi bener banget. Nanya2 pake bahasa Indo aja bikin mumet lha ini pakenya bahasa inggris. Kalo jawab pake bahasa indo, dianya yg malah mumet :D :D

  3. Alhamdulillah... aku merinding bacanya, Mbak. Kayaknya mas I'am semakin kagum sama bundanya. Dan dengan melihat bagaimana bundanya merawat adiknya, semoga dia selalu sayang sama bundanya, dan kelak dia bisa lebih menghargai perempuan :)

  4. Aku nungguin jawabannya nih pas kemarin dishare di fb, hehehe

  5. Jawabanny ternyata sippo. Bisa disambung-sambungkan dg malaikat dll untuk pertanyaan terakhir :)

    1. Karena udah bingung mau jawabnya gimana lagi, Mbak. :D

  6. begini rasanya punya anak ya mbak, hihi, harus banyak belajar jadi ibu nih saya. btw, anak2 selalu pake english ya mba kalo ngobrol sama orang tua?

    1. Iya, Yu. Hahahaha. Ntar juga ngerasain gimana kelabakannya ditanyain yang aneh2 :D
      Kalo di rumah bahasanya campur, tapi emang yg paling gede ini, I'am, lebih sering pake inggris. Misal aku jawabnya pake indo, dia bingung n aku kudu translate ke english. Malah rempong kan :D :D

  7. bisa jadi contekan besok-besok kalo anak ane tanya bu, sekarang bisanya cuma etcip etcip baaaaa (bahasa bayi)

  8. wih kecil2 udah mau tuker kulit hehehe I'am

  9. pertanyaan anak2 suka aneh2 dan emaknya yg pusing deh, hehe

  10. Usia usia se I'am dan Shaki memang lagi banyak-banyaknya tanya hal yg tak terduga ya. :)


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